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About Lisa Davis

We are called to serve and that has been something deeply rooted in me from a young age. It's truly how I'm wired. So, serving in our great military and being a teacher have both allowed me the awesome opportunity to fulfull that call to serve. I didn't really see myself in real estate, but as God leads we heed his call. This profession has allowed me another opportunity to serve people in making some of the biggest financial decisions of their life. Whether is a first time home buyer, a seller that's a long time friend, a neighbor that needs help, an investor looking for the next deal, I get to serve others. Many people move from customer to friend in a short amount of time. With this profession many doors have opened to give back in charitable ways as well, supporting the local school, participating in community events, giving financially to support those who support life. I pride myself in my professionalism and attention ot the needs of those I serve. God has blessed me to reach people and love on them in so many different ways.